Woodmancote Contractors supply and deliver high quality wood chip to power biomass boilers across the South of England, from wood chip for nursery and plant growers to schools, farms and care homes.  We offer anything from one-off wood fuel deliveries to regular contract wood chip deliveries to meet your heating requirements.

At our wood fuel hub in Emsworth, on the West Sussex/Hampshire border, we aggregate stocks sourced from locally managed woodland and allow the timber to season to reduce its moisture content. We then chip stocks in house using our powerful Mus-Max WT12 wood chipper and store the fuel in our large, covered barns. The wood fuel is then loaded into our specialist delivery trailers, as and when required, and delivered to our customer in a timely manner, to the agreed specification.

All of our operators are professional and fully trained to ensure quality, efficiency and consistency. On the whole we supply wood chip at the G30 – G50 size at 25 – 35% moisture specifications, although we can also chip to G20 and G100.

Wood fuel deliveries can be made using our specialist bulk delivery trailer, which allows us to offer either bulk blown deliveries or walking floor (which are particularly good for accessing low buildings as no tipping is required) with up to 32 m³ of fuel.

We can set up regular routine wood chip deliveries to ensure you have a continuous and ready supply of wood fuel for your biomass heating system. The wood chip can be supplied by the kWh, cubic metre or tonne.

Please contact us to discuss your wood chip heating requirements.

Woodmancote Agricultural Contractors received grant funding through the ‘European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development’

The grant supported a project to purchase a timber forwarder trailer and crane and add a concrete floor and panels to improve an existing wood chip storage shed. The funding has enabled timber to be extracted to the ride side in the forest and then once chipped to be stored in the barn where the chip can now be segregated into different qualities because of the concrete floor and panels from the funding.