We are able to offer one-off or contract wood chipping to customers with their own timber supply across the South Coast of England, in particular to our local market covering Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

We run a large Mus-Max WT12 wood chipper which has an in feed opening of 900mm by 1300mm driven by a reverse drive Fendt 1050 tractor (500hp).  It is fed with a 10m reach crane operated from the tractor cab.

The machine has a very high output: up to 80 m³ of cord wood per hour dependent upon the timber, its position and into where the chip is being blown.  As an example, we can load a walking floor lorry in 30 minutes from cord wood.

Not only does the machine have a high output, it also produces a very good quality chip whether that be a G20, G30, G50 or G100, with fewer fines than other machines.

We are fully insured for liability and use professional, fully trained operators to efficiently achieve a high output and a consistent uniform chip quality.

We store and dry the woodchip in our specially built storage facility, which enables us to supply to a consistent moisture level of around 30%.

We transport the wood chip in bulk using our specialist bulk blown or walking floor delivery trailers, which are perfect for delivering to low buildings as no tipping is required.  We can also deliver by the lorry load.


  • Mus-Max WT12 Woodchipper
  • 500 hp Fendt 1050 tractor with 10 m reach crane
  • Bulk delivery trailers – blown delivery or walking floor
  • JCB 541 X70 Pro telehandler
  • JCB 419s loading shovel
  • Specialist cordwood delivery trailer